Haven Help System

Name : Jidoor

Historical Theme:

Races : Lamrani, Sprite

Religion : Magildan

Language : Sprith

Currency : Rupies

Game Notes : As the seat of the Magildan faith,
Jidoor emphasises magical studies.
Citizens begin training at an early
age and those who are unable to
advance among the mages are often
shunned and become outcasts of the
city. The Jidoorian affinity for magic
is unparalleled in Kailie.

Game History : Jidoor is home to the Jidoor Library,
which houses one of the greatest
collections known to Kailie. For years
it has been a virtual Mecca for mages
from all over Kailie.

Classes : Enchanter, Evoker, Mystic, Necromancer,
Ranger, Cavalier*, Fighter*, Rogue*

*These classes are only available to
those who join magic classes first and
then multi-class. They are not starting