Haven Help System

Name : The Ruins of Arcanith

Historical Theme:

Races : Kobold

Religion : Magildan

Language : Koboldich

Currency : Senones

Game Notes : The Ruins of Arcanith are all that remains of the
once famous City of Light. The current residents
are little more than squatters in what was once
an incredibly magical area. Given the primitive
nature of kobolds, they have taken to simply
dwelling in the buildings that remain with no
intent of rebuilding the city to its former glory.
But the residual magic in the area has influenced
the Kobolds in such a way that they have taken on
the worship of magic under the Magildan religion.
While they adhere to a slightly more primitive practice
of the faith the fundamentals are the same only with
a concentration on the wonder and awe of magic and not
the scholarly pursuit one might find in Jidoor.

Game History : Unfortunately, not much is known about Arcanith as
it once was. For nearly the entire span of written
history it has been in ruins. Where the ruins now lie,
however, there was once a great city of magic and learning
known as the City of Light that has long since faded into
antiquity with a history that only the most dedicated of
scholars study.

Classes : Druid (Magildan), Fighter, Rogue, Necromancer