Haven Help System

Role Playing

Role playing is the art of taking on a persona that is not your own.
Taking a part in a play or acting in general is the best way to sum
up what role playing is.

Did you ever wish you were someone else? Most people do sometimes.
Here on Haven, YOU ARE SOMEONE ELSE. You do not have to act within
the bounds and rules that the real world functions by. To do so limits
your character to reality. The reality of Haven is one in which the
gods are real, magic is real, and fantasy is reality.

Kailie is a medieval world in which your character is a citizen of a
town and member of a race. Also, your character will have certain skills
which s/he will gain by joining a class. How you choose to play that
character is entirely up to you.

* Is your character bent towards law & order or chaos?

* Is your character basically good or devoutly evil?

* What is the history of your character?

Your real life should have NO BEARING on how your character must act
on Haven, and assuming that mores and rules you have known since birth
is not a wise thing to do.

A few examples:

Some of the nicest people I know in real life play the more cold hearted
killers when role playing. To assume that people will not kill each
other is to feel unduly safe. To assume that local laws will be
enforced is insanity.

One must take a careful study of surroundings on Haven. The town of
Haven itself is a basically safe place, with strict laws and orderly
citizens. The reason this is so is NOT because that is how life should
be, it is because the diety of Haven Town's citizens is the Lord of
Order. A town which worships a demon prince might have less sympathy
for weak citizens.

Act according to your character that you should have sketched in your
mind, and you will not be penalized. Act in a way which contradicts
what you are and you will be punished.

Role Playing will take place at all times. There are immortals who
watch over the land in mortal guise to keep the story going.

While playing Haven, please stay in character (always acting your role).
This will facilitate a more pleasant game for all.