Haven Help System

Reputation is a measure of your standing with various towns and factions.

You gain reputation with a town when you aid it by completing quests,
attacking invaders, or killing citizens of a directly opposed town. You also
gain reputation with whichever town you currently reside in whenever you gain
a level.

You lose reputation with a town by killing its citizens or by gaining
reputation with an opposed town.

Reputation has several effects, some subtle: guards may attack or welcome you,
merchants give better deals or refuse to serve you, and the towns navy may or
may not attack you at sea.

Currently towns directly opposed are: Haven and Malveillant, Karak and
Glimmerdin, Gwonish and Lloryk, Durgoroth and Grymxoria, Ungkh and Jidoor, and
Averath and Dalnairn. Further animosities may exist, these are simply the most
meaningful ones.

See: reputation (command)