Haven Help System

A Newbies Guide To Spell Casting
Walskal , Thaumaturgic Scribe

Welcome to spell casting 101. This guide will help you train your magic
to so you do not kill yourself or a loved one. Good Luck.

Lesson One: Spheres of Magic
There are three major Spheres of Magic:

There are four minor Sphere of Magic that need a major Sphere:

Major Spheres:
Clerical sphere uses the skill faith and the stat wisdom. Spells of this
sphere are derived from your deity but must be taught to you by a priest
or priestess of your religion.

Natural sphere uses the skill natural magic and the stat wisdom. Spells
of this sphere are derived from nature and must be taught to you by a
worshipper of nature.

Magical sphere uses the skill conjuring and the stat intelligence. Spells
of this sphere let you manipulate energy and must be taught to you from
mages of different classes.

Minor Spheres:
Enchantment sphere uses the skill enchantment. The three spheres of
enchantment are clerical enchantment, natural enchantment, and magical
enchantment. Enchantment spells create or change items.

Evokation sphere uses the skill evocation. The three spheres of evocation
are clerical evokation, natural evocation, and magical evocation.
Evokation spells summon or call forth.

Healing sphere uses the skill healing. The two spheres of healing are
clerical healing and natural healing. Healing spells cure injuries or

Necromancy sphere uses the skill necromancy. The two spheres of necromancy
are clerical necromancy and magical necromancy. Necromany spells are
unholy or dark magic.

Lesson Two: Places of Learning
Most cities and towns have a place where you can learn each of the spheres
of magic. The elves of Haven have the Grand Library and their dark cousins
of Malveillant have the royal evoker and enchanter. In Jidoor, there are
many mages that will teach an willing student.

Lesson Three: "How do I know what spells I can learn?"
The following command, spellhelp, will list the spheres of magic and the
spells they contain. Using this help file, you will find a breakdown of
each of the spheres and their corresponding spells and skill level you need
to attain to cast the spell.

The following command, help allspells, will list every spell possible in
Kailie. It will give the name, major magic sphere,it's corresponding skill
level, minor magic sphere (if one is needed) and it's corresponding skill

Using either way, you will need to compare your current skill to either list.

The following is a list of newbie spells that you never leave home without:

Spell Name Major Sphere Skill Minor Sphere Skill
aura conjuring 1 evokation 1
detect magic conjuring 1 enchantment 1
ethereal touch conjuring 1 enchantment 1
missile conjuring 1 evokation 1
buffer conjuring 1 evokation 1
divine evil faith 1 enchantment 1
divine good faith 1 enchantment 1
divine magic faith 1 enchantment 1
sting faith 1 enchantment 1
bless faith 1
disperse protections faith 1
turning faith 1
touch faith 1 healing 1
spook faith 1 necromancy 1
tend wounds natural magic 1 healing 1
barkskin natural magic 1
condense air natural magic 1 evokation 1
dust to water natural magic 1 enchantment 1
plant strike natural magic 1 evokation 1
scatter protections natural magic 1

Lesson Four: "How do I learn spells now?"
Okay you have found a spell teacher. Good. Now you need to ask this teacher
which sphere of magic he/she can teach. The command is as follows

Ask <teacher> to teach

Now you need to ask this teacher how to teach the spells you can learn. The
command is as follows

Ask <teacher> to teach <spell name>

Lesson Five: Training
Before we begin this, one thing, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERFECTLY CAST A
SPELL ONCE YOU LEARN IT. You need to practice a spell several times before
you will be able to cast a spell correctly. Every spell has a chance of
failure even if you think you know it perfectly. Practice all your spells
on creatures with a weakness for magic like birds, chipmunks, dogs, and small
children, disregard the last part. The command for casting spells:

Cast <spell name>

Some spells require a target. That command is:

Cast <spell name> on <target>

When you cast a spell and it does not work, you may get sick, or fall down,
or faint, etc. When this happens do not worry unless you are fighting gang of
skeleton warriors.

Good Luck, Walskal.